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Sidmouth College's Computer Science Curriculum

Sidmouth College's Computer Science curriculum is designed to prepare all students for the ‘Digital World’. The curriculum is designed around four main themes: Computer Science, Digital Literacy, Digital Creatively and Digital Citizenship.


The curriculum not only prepares students for progression within the Computer Science discipline, it also prepares them for mature and effective use of ICT whether it be for College or in the world of work.

Key Stage 3 RoadMap
Key Stage 4-5 RoadMap

Extra-Curricular Computer Science Offerings

In addition to the core curriculum that is delivered to our students, the department also offers extracurricular opportunities, designed to enhance and deepen student's skills and understanding of the 'Digital World'.

iDEA: Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award

All students are provided with the opportunity to participate in iDEA: Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award. This is the digital equivalent to the highly renowned and respected Duke of Edinburgh award. Follow this link to learn more.