Each lesson contains a quick quiz to review prior learning within the unit of work being studied. Students receive detailed feedback after each question has been submitted to enable them to iron out any misconceptions and they can take the quiz up to 3 times. This form of assessment is to help them learn and develop their understanding, as opposed to provide the teacher a snap shot of their understanding at that time (although this is also possible).

Live Marking

Each lesson, the teacher circulates the classroom (or monitors screens via the classroom’s screen monitoring software) providing timely feedback to help progress students and help them with misconceptions / misunderstandings and literacy / numeracy problems.

Marking and Feedback

In accordance with the school’s marking and feedback policy, certain pieces of work within a unit will be formally marks by the teacher and effective feedback given in the form of WWW / EBI and Response Task. The expectations is that this is done within a week of receiving submitted work so to make the feedback timely and therefore effective.


Following the completion of marking and feedback, students will be provided time within the next lesson to actively read and respond to their feedback to ensure that their engage with their feedback and benefit from it.

End of Topic Assessments

At the end of a unit of work, students are tested on the key teachings of that unit of work. This summative assessment is to provide both teachers and students with a snapshot of their learning at that time and on a wider scope, their progress as the year develops. Retake tests are given to those who fail to achieve their expected result. Intervention is provided before the retake, where required.

Super Teaching

Following the marking and returning of end of topic assessments, students are provided with an episode of ‘Super Teaching’, where the test is revisited and model answer’s given to help iron out misconceptions where applicable. 

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