Extra Activities

Hour of Code

An amazing website offering hundreds of one hour, interactive, fun, coding activities.

From 'Minecraft' to 'Flappy Bird', 'Star Wars' to 'Crossy Road', there are loads of engaging activities designed to help you learn how to code.

Make Flappy Bird in Scratch!

A great tutorial which guides you through the creation of your very own Flappy Bird game in Scratch!

Code Combat

A brilliant game that you play by coding!

Work your way through the various levels, learning how to code in Python as you go.

W3 Schools - Learn HTML

A website offering FREE tutorials teaching you how to build websites in HTML. Each page will teach you new skills, provide demonstrations that you can tinker with and provides quizzes to assess your understanding.

The site also offers tutorials for CSS, JavaScript, Python and many more languages!

Install Python and PyScripter at home - Then Learn to Code in Python!


1) Install Python 3.4 (32bit version): https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.4.3/python-3.4.3.msi

2) Install PyScripter: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyscripter/files/PyScripter-v2.6.0-Setup.exe/download

3) Once you open PyScripter, go to Run > Configure External Run and uncheck the following boxes:
– Capture Output
– Parse Messages
– Parse Traceback
– Hide Console
Pyscripter should now work like it does in school.

4) Now click on the 'python' icon on the left  and it will take you to my online Python Tutorials with videos and activities. You will need to log into the website to access this course. Just log into sidmouthcs.com like you would in any of your computer science lessons in school.

Home Project Ideas

Do you have a Raspberry Pi?       Are you planning on buying one? 

Learn how to set up your Raspberry Pi by following the guidance in our 'Setting up a Raspberry Pi' blog post.

All Set Up? ...Now Get Started On Some Projects!

A brilliant website which provides you with loads of Raspberry Pi project ideas and step by step guides!

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