How to Sign Up to the iDEA Award


A major aspect of the Computer Science department’s remote learning offering is the iDEA award. This is effectively a digitally / technologically focused equivalent to the Duke of Edinburgh award, which is free and can be completed from the comfort of your own home, on a PC, tablet or phone.

During the course you will develop your understanding of the technological world and at the end of it will be awarded with the ‘Bronze Award’!

To start off with, I would like you all to sign up to the following website using your school usernameschool email address and a password that you will not forget

Once you have signed up, you will need to enter an organisation code so that your participation can be linked to ‘Your Class’ and ‘Sidmouth College’.

Once logged in, go straight to your name (top right corner of screen) and click on it once. Then, from the drop down list, select edit profile. At the bottom of the page that loads you need to enter your organisation code. Using your timetable in your planner (or using your memory) find your Computer Science class from the list below and locate your class’ organisation code (it will look something like SID7X-CP):

SID7X-CP1 – Mr Wickins (Week 1 Only Tue P1 & Wed P2)

SID7X-CP2 – Mr Wickins (Week 1 Wed P5 & Week 2 Wed P2)

SID7X-CP3 – Mr Wickins (Week 2 Only Tue P3 & Thurs P5)

SID7Y-CP1 – Mr Wickins (Week 1 Mon P2 & Week 2 Tue P4)

SID7Y-CP2 – Mr Pears (Week 1 Mon P5 & Week 2 Fri P4)

SID8X-CP1 – Mr Wickins (Week 1 Fri P1 & Week 2 Thurs P1)

SID8X-CP2 – Mr Wickins (Week 1 Mon P1 & Week 2 Tue P5)

SID8X-CP3 – Mr Pears (Week 1 Thurs P2 & Week 2 Fri P2)

SID8Y-CP1 – Mr Pears (Week 1 Mon P2 & Week 2 Fri P1)

SID8Y-CP2 – Mr Pears (Week 1 Mon P1 & Week 2 Mon P2)

SID9X-CP1 – Mr Wickins Week 1 Tue P4 & Mr Pears Week 2 Mon P3

SID9X-CP2 – Mr Pears (Week 1 Thurs P5 & Week 2 Fri P5)

SID9Y-CP1 – Mr Pears (Week 1 Thurs 3 & Week 2 Mon P1)

SID9Y-CP2 – Mr Pears (Week 1 Mon P4 & Week 2 Mon P4)

Once you have entered your organisation code, please click on the ADD button and then SAVE.

Now you are ready to start the course.

Go back to the badges page and then complete 3 badges of your choice.

Keep safe and well people!