Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Objectives

Sidmouth College's Computer Science curriculum is designed to prepare students for the ‘Digital World’. To facilitate this, the curriculum delivers four main themes: Computer Science, Digital Literacy, Digital Creatively and Digital Citizenship.


The intent of our rich Computer Science curriculum is to inspire students to succeed through a learning journey that will provide knowledge, skills and opportunities for them to be responsible and effective digital practitioners with positive life chances.

We intend the CS curriculum to be connected, building upon prior learning, enabling our students to believe in their ability to succeed, becoming confident and resilient learners, with a lifelong love of learning.

Through the CS curriculum, we intend our students to know what challenge and success feels like for them as an individual. Regardless of ability, age or background, the CS curriculum’s aim is to develop curiosity and critical thinking, foster aspirations and have a belief in success for all students.

Student Language – Intent

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