A-Level 1.1.1 CPU Structure & Function

13_1.1.1 CPU 4

A company is designing a new low-power processor to be used in a smartwatch. The processor contains a control unit. Describe the role of the control unit in the processor.

13_1.1.1 CPU 3

See And Believe is a company that specialises in computer-generated imagery (CGI) for films. Producing CGI requires lots of processing power and so the company has a large number of high-performance computers. Describe how each of these improves a processor’s performance: 1. fast clock speed 2. large cache memory

13_1.1.1 CPU 2

A processor contains a number of special registers. Name and describe three buses used to convey information between the special registers.

13_1.1.1 CPU 1

Von Neumann and array processor are different types of computer architecture. One feature of Von Neumann architecture is that instructions are executed in a linear sequence. Give three other features.