A-Level 1.3.4 Web Tech – CSS

13_1.3.4 WebTech – CSS 5

A web development company makes its money building websites for other companies. The site also contains the following code. <div class=”offer”>All oranges 50% off.</div> Complete the CSS code that would make any div elements of the class offer have an orange border. ……………………………{     border-style: solid;     ……………………………     }

13_1.3.4 WebTech – CSS 4

A theatre has a website showing its productions and allowing people to make bookings. Part of the site is shown below. The words ‘Book tickets’ link to the page ‘bookings.html’. —————————— Upcoming productions: 1. Macbeth 2. Blood Brothers 3. An Inspector Calls Book tickets —————————— The theatre website also uses CSS. Give an example of …

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13_1.3.4 WebTech – CSS 3

A website has the following code. The page is linked to a style sheet. The message “Unauthorised access to this system will be prosecuted”, is red with a monospace font. (Note this is the only text on the page that has this formatting) Write the segment of CSS code that would appear on the style …

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13_1.3.4 WebTech – CSS 2

Describe one advantage of storing the CSS in an external file rather than it being embedded within HTML files.

13_1.3.4 WebTech – CSS 1

A website contains the following HTML: The html file is linked to the CSS file style.css Text between h1 tags should be in the font Arial. The customer quote should be on a background with the colour E8C3E1. The introduction text should be dark red (using the named colour darkRed). Write the code that should …

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