A-Level 1.3.4 Web Tech – HTML

13_1.3.4 WebTech – HTML 4

A website has the following code. The page is linked to a style sheet. The message Unauthorised access to this system will be prosecuted is red with a monospace font. (Note this is the only text on the page that has this formatting) Explain the meaning of the HTML line:

13_1.3.4 WebTech – HTML 3

A software company decides to build an operating system for OCR smart watches. The company sets up a website to promote OCR smart watch. Part of the website is shown below. The sentence ‘Download The Factsheet’ is a hyperlink to the file ‘factsheet.pdf’, which is stored in the same folder as the HTML file for …

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13_1.3.4 WebTech – HTML 2

Laser Tag is a game where teams of players move round an arena shooting each other with infrared guns. Players wear sensors that keep track of how many times they have been hit by the laser. This is known as being ‘tagged’. Below is an extract from a Laser Tag company’s website: The web page …

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13_1.3.4 WebTech – HTML 1

A website contains the following HTML: Explain the difference between a HTML id attribute and a HTML class attribute.