Catering for All Groups of Learner

The CS curriculum has been designed to cater for all groups of learners, such as SEN,  disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students.

Strategies to support disadvantaged students:

  • Quality First Teaching
  • Live Marking – Effective feedback, with a focus on disadvantaged students
  • Quick Quizzes with immediate feedback after each answer
  • Learning Habits – Meta Cognition – Resilience
  • Videoed lesson at GCSE and A-Level (and a growing number at KS3)
  • Use of Computer Room outside of lesson time
  • Ability to loan raspberry pi and robotics kits for use at home
  • Purchase of revision guides (although this is also the case for all students)
  • All resources available online via department website, which has been designed to be responsive enabling students without family PC to still access resources via their phone.
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